What are the requirements to rent a boat?

  • All operators are required to have experience relevant to the area, and conditions they will be operating in.

  • Proof of N.A.S.B.L.A. or equivalent boater’s safety course. If you are born after Jan 1, 1988 – you are required to have a safe boater’s certificate. You can get this online FREE at BoatUs.org/Florida or we can administer a pass/fail test for a Florida temporary boater’s license good for one year for $3 when you come to rent the boat. Allow a half hour or come a day before to complete the test. If you were born before Jan 1, 1988 – you need an ID and all drivers must have some prior boat operating experience.

  • Valid I.D. – State or Federally issued

  • Major Credit card for a $240.00 deposit

  • Rental Contract

do we get charts?


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you download NAVIONICS APP on your smartphone. It is the #1 navigation app in world!

We do have charts of the area free to our customers and we give a full orientation as well. Please notify us at least 24 hour in advance what area charts you want us to bring to the rental. Please keep in mind paper charts can be outdated. 

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.


Can i pay cash?

Yes, we accept cash as payment.  This does not eliminate the need for a credit card for your deposit.

why do you need a credit card?

Your card will be copied with the ID’s of all of the drivers.  Your card is responsible for any and all damages, loss of property, late returns, fuel, and search & rescue efforts.

weather conditions, cancelations and refunds

Reservations are required for all boat rentals. All cancellations made 7 days before the scheduled rental time are eligible for a full refund. Reservations are subject to a cancellation policy. If you do not cancel at least 7 days before your booking, your $50 booking deposit will be non refundable. Should weather be hazardous and we cannot let the boat out, you will not be charged for the reservation. Decisions regarding weather conditions can be determined on the same day as scheduled. Please contact us to confirm.

how far ahead do i have to reserve the boat?

We recommend as soon as you know for sure what day and time you want to go, to call for a reservation or reserve online. Holidays and weekends usually book up 2 weeks ahead, weekdays 3 to 7 days ahead in season.

how do i reserve the boat?

Our Reserve Online page shows you what boats are available and their cost, book it yourself online!

Call us at 941-564-9399 and we will book it for you.

what are the geographical limits?

Our limits are Anna Maria Bridge to the north and Cayo Costa Island to the south. Also the boats are allowed to go up to 5 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. Operators are responsible for knowing their own limitations based on experience. If weather is not good, staying in the bays or close in is required.

If you go outside of this area and we must dispatch assistance there will be an additional charge at an hourly rate of $85 per hour.

is the gas included?

The rental price does not include fuel. All of the boats have fuel efficient engines. You can refill at any marina with marine grade non ethanol gas. We have a Refuel Charge of $7.78 per gallon.

How does your Best price guarantee work?


Tell us where you saw a lower price boat rental on the same type of boat. We will beat their price by 10%. Valid in Charlotte County, Sarasota County, Manatee County or Lee County. 

Do i need to bring a cooler?

Yes, there is no cooler onboard. 

can i fish from the boat?

Yes you can fish on any of our boats. You are required to have a FL saltwater fishing license. All licenses can be purchased at local bait shops or online at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com There is also a link to the typical fish you might be interested in while fishing in FL, view fish guide. Please keep in mind we have plush carpet installed on or boats. So please place caught fish in buckets and try not to splash fish blood and guts on the carpet. A cleaning fee may apply if the carpet is stained. 

can we drink alchohol on the boat?

Everyone on the boat can drink except the driver, zero tolerance, you can lose your automobile driver’s license and face all consequences from the FWC.

What do i need to bring to my boat rental?

Photo ID for all drivers and Credit Card of responsible party.  Waterproof bags, reading glasses, cell phones, USB charger cord, shoes, sunblock, coolers, plenty of water. Recommended 1 gal. per person.  

how early do i have to arrive to my rental?

Everyone should arrive at their scheduled time and no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled rental ready for orientation. You have a reservation time set specifically for your party. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late and do not notify us at least an hour in advance of your reserved time you will be charged the full rental plus tax.

how long is the orientation? 

Orientation is typically 15-20 minutes depending on prior boating knowledge. Rentals will be denied if we feel you are disregarding safety procedures being given.

what does orientation cover?

Orientation will cover everything from rules of the road, basic boat operation, how to navigate our waterways, liability waivers and rental agreements.

am i responsible for damages?

You are solely responsible for any and all damages of all equipment while it is in your possession. Inspecting the equipment is your responsibility before leaving.

what if there is already damage to my rental?

We encourages you to take photos before leaving the dock with our attendant. Point out any damage you see prior to leaving to be marked on the contract for peace of mind upon your return.

I am back with the rental what should i do?

Call us when you are about an hour from returning if you are returning early. Otherwise an attendant will be at the dock at your scheduled return time. If for some reason we are not there, tie the bow line and stern line to the dock where you picked up the boat (allow for water movement, etc) and we will be there shortly to load and take the boat.

i came back and the dock attendant noticed damage. what happens next?

You are responsible for any and all damages to our equipment. Your damage will be assessed and charged upon return. Fiberglass damage is not cheap so keeping a safe distance from everyone and everything while aboard our equipment is important. If you would not bump up against a buddies truck with your truck to talk, don’t do it with my boat. Plain and simple “You break it, you pay for it”. If there is ANY damage, please wait until we are onsite so we can discuss damages together to avoid later issues. The Agreement is very clear about your responsibility.