Boat Rental Safety Tip #1

Renting a boat in Sarasota is a very fun and exciting experience. While it is relatively easy to operate a boat, there are a couple of things to be mindful of while boating. 

  • Shallow spots

These spots can really ruin your day on the water. There are numerous shallow spots in the intracoastal waters from Boca Grande to Sarasota and Bradenton. You can be, just a couple of feet, outside a marker and boom you're stuck with your propeller grinding a sand bar. That is if you are lucky not to hit a pile of submerged rocks. The latter have either the "sign of death" - Shoal or a little white plastic pole sticking out the water. You can be up to a mile away from the closest shoreline of Charlotte Harbor and the water can be only 2 feet deep! You can sometimes see the water appear darker and that can be a sign you are in or approaching shallow water. Sunglasses can help reduce water glare and you can some time see the ground. If you are completely unfamiliar with an area it is highly recommended you use a navigation app like Navionics that has local up to date charts.