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New Boat Addition To the Fleet! $50 OFF ALL October!

We have added a great deck boat to the fleet. It features an extra wide beam that is great for stability on the water. As well as much more room on the boat for large groups. 13 Person capacity! And a 150 HP motor that will have you zooming through the bay’s. Great for island hopping, days out at the sand bar and dock side lunch.


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Boat Rentals In Sarasota


Are you planning a trip to the Florida coast? Already live in Florida? Like water sports
and activities? Interested in renting a boat? If any of these questions apply to you, you’re in the right place! This week Southwest Florida Boat Rentals features fun boating activities in the Sarasota area, one of our many rental locations along the Florida coast. What’s cool about our Sarasota boating adventures is that we can offer a pre planned itinerary if you just wanted to
book a little cruising tour. Here’s what the day would look like:
● 9 - 9:30 Boat Launch at Turtle Beach Boat Ramp - this is where we would meet
to begin a full day of boating from Downtown Sarasota to Big Pass to South Lido
county park - (You may want to take a break and jump off for a swim here).
● 12 - 12:30 Find a dock space and have lunch in one of the many oceanfront
restaurants and pubs
● 2 - 4:00 PM continue with an afternoon cruise along the beautiful coast while
taking a chance to view some of the waterfront real estate or take an after lunch
● 4-5:00 PM Wrap up the day with a short cruise back to the Turtle Beach boat
Already been to Turtle Beach? We also do a boat launching from Centennial Park that
goes from Anna Maria Island to Coquina Beach to Beer Can Island! You are definitely not
limited to this itinerary, if you’d like to plan your own boating activities give us a call or send us
an email. For more information on the activities listed above check out the adventures tab on
our website and click on the Sarasota Location! Stay tuned and follow our blog for special
features of all of our boating areas!

Boat Safety Tip #3

            You now know what to do to avoid the shallow spots out there in the Sarasota waters and how to easily approach the dock in Port Charlotte. Now, let's talk about an easily understood, yet extremely important topic: The No Wake Zone. If rules are not properly followed in these designated areas, it could leave you paying a major fine or even worse, a potential lawsuit. Just follow these tips so you'll do what you are suppose to do when you rent a boat- enjoy yourself to the fullest.       


   When renting a boat, you'll come across the inevitable no wake zone. To put it simply, a wake is basically just the waves caused by your moving boat, and you are held responsible for these waves you create. The last thing you want to do is speed in a no wake zone and damage someone's boat with your intense water current. You could even put water on the other boat, for example, with the tide you made or even make the captain of that other ship fall out because of your careless need-for-speed. Not only is this illegal with potentially severe consequences, but it can also ruin your day and the other person's. The Coast Guard does not take this matter lightly.

            Let's avoid these costly mistakes. First of all, make sure your boat is completely in the water in full displacement mode. A good reference point to use is always look behind you to see how big your wake is so you know whether to slow down or not. Your wake should be no longer than the length of your boat, and it will probably disturb the boats behind you the most, so please be mindful of this. Most no wake zones are about 5 miles per hour, but always look for the sign and speed limit. Since boats are a little hesitant in reaction time, start slowing down early to get a good head start on adjusting speeds. You always want to look out for traffic even if it's not in a no wake zone too. Look out for the ones on jet skis, kayaks, small boats, fisherman, marinas on the side, parked boats near the dock, swimmers or anybody or any boat nearby for that matter. Please be respectful to all the traffic around you and be of common decency to your fellow companions out on the water.

New Launch Location - Blackburn Point, Osprey.

We have added a new launch location at Blackburn Point East boat ramp. For boat rentals in Sarasota. This is a newly built ramp and is a great launching point if you want to rent a boat in Sarasota. This location has no delivery fee. It is minutes away from the south bridge in Sarasota with a nice fast ride! 

Blackburn Point

Blackburn Point

Blackburn Point East Boat Ramp

Blackburn Point East Boat Ramp

Rental Boat Safety Tip #2

Continuing our segment on boat rental safety, in my oppinion is one of the most tough aspects of boating -

  • Docking


While it might sound easy, this is the time where a lot of damage to the boat can happen. The problem with docking is that you are always in motion in a constantly moving body of water be it current or winds or other boats making wake.

From my personal experience of years of boating, I have a few tips on making the docking process go smooth. 

  1. Prepare to dock by telling all the passengers to be seated and have all your items away from the routes you will take to dock lines and cleats.
  2. Easy does it. Move in, as slow as you can while approaching the dock. Try not to use reverse at all.
  3. Have one designated helper be prepared to push or pull you in at the front of the boat. You can grab the side or rear.
  4. Once you are close enogh, pull your self in and tie up.
  5. When you tie up leave some slack in the ropes to account for tide and the changing load on the boat when people enter or exit.
  6. Make sure your rub rail is pushing against the dock pillars. Adjust the fender buoy in a way that no part of the dock touches or rubs on any part of the fiberglass of the boat.