Featured Boating Activity: Sport Fishing 


    2018 Summer has officially begun and the Floridian coast is now home to family and friends having a blast out on the water! Ready to splash your way through summer? Southwest Florida Boat Rentals features this weeks boating activity, sport fishing. Sport fishing is a great activity for any time of year, however, summer is a great  time for beginners, families and kids to try their hand at fishing. With the best chances of clear skies and gorgeous red orange sunsets, it's no wonder why the activity has its appeal. Let’s jump right into it and answer some frequently asked questions…

What is sport fishing? 
Sport fishing is a common hobby done for sport or recreation. Some do it as a leisurely social activity and some participate for competition. 

What kind of boat should I rent for sport fishing? 
If you are ready to take on the adventure, you’re in luck! You can fish from any of our Southwest Florida Boat Rentals: 
1.    Bayliner 195 Classic 19'
2.    Bayliner 180
3.    Hurricane Sun Deck
4.    Pro Line Center Console Sport Fish 20'
5.    Sun Tracker Party Barge Signature Pontoon 22'
Is it safe for my kids to try?
Yes! In fact in most sporting goods stores you will find childrens fishing poles. This is a family friendly activity, it’s never too early to learn the art! 

Do I need a fishing license?
Yes, you are required to have a Florida saltwater fishing license. Don’t let that worry you, these can be purchased at local bait shops or online at Go Outdoors Florida starting at just $27!   

What am I fishing for? 
First time fishing? Not familiar with the areas marine life? No problem! The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission fortunately has a lot of information about what lives on the Floridian coast. Here’s a link where you can see a list of fish identification in the area.

I’m fishing for the first time, what are some basic items needed for fishing? 
Excellent question. You’re going to want to bring a fishing pole, and a stocked tackle box.  A tackle box will have all of the basic fishing tools needed for your adventure. Don’t have one? We can help with that! For just $15 we offer fishing poles with stocked tackle boxes so you can be fishing in no time!  Here are some of the basic things every person should have in their tackle box:
●    Extra line, Extra hooks
●    Bobbers, Sinkers
●    Plastic worms
●    Lures
●    Needle Nose Pliers
●    First Aid Kit
Congratulations! We hope that with this new information and list of resources you’ve deciding to give sport fishing a try!  Remember, this is a great activity for all ages and it can be done on any one of our boats. All experience levels are welcome just grab your fishing license, ID and come on over!  For more information or questions on rentals please feel free to contact SWFL Boat Rentals anytime.